Image Investigator

Image Comparer

Organize your photos with the help of our Image Investigator. Search your images library if you already have a similar one. Look if you have duplicates in your image library. You could possibly identify a copyright infringement or other miss-use.

Select two directories (probe and Archive) or the same one two times and our program will scan your images and find similar images quickly. Set Sample Size and Threshold to adjust accuracy and performance. Per Drag and Drop, single images or directories can be tested against your archive. Our program can compare a large number of images.

Double click on a result row to verify and decide about your images in a large view and visualization of the differences. This really helps to visually compare two images.

This Program could be a useful addition in a photo agency to manage large amounts of photos.

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Testimonials and Reviews

Image Viewer

Powerful Image Previewer Our Image Viewer allows multiple instance to show on the screen and has some nice viewing features. You can Zoom easily, or fit an image to its window or view multiple images at the same time. Our Image Viewer is also a nice enhancement to older Windows versions like Windows 2000, which don't have previewers.

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Image Resizer & CopyRighter

Didn't you think, it would be nice if your graphic program could do the work on all your photos without requiring you to do it one by one?

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